Monday, September 29, 2008

Ninja Auditions - Day #2

I don't have a poker face. When I really like an actor, I get very excited and want to tell them how amazing they are. Especially when it's someone I've never seen, never heard of and doesn't have much or anything on their resume. It happened yesterday. I couldn't help it.

After watching the audition tapes last night I think I have all of my characters. I'd like to have a small round of call backs just to mix and match actors for chemistry and physical looks and to be absolutely positive. But we should have cast locked within a week. That will be a sigh of relief.


Kate Jones said...

I know this is supposed to be unprofessional. But I'm guilty of it myself. Actor's have such difficult job. Even when they are amazing they often don't get the job. Sometimes it nearly impossible not to applaud good work. I do it when hiring the crew too. I've got to figure out how to hold my tongue - or maybe not.
Kate -

Kat Candler said...

i end up shouting it to the world. especially with my students too.