Sunday, September 07, 2008

Help Us Make Ninja James and the Beast Boy

I've been chronicling the early stages of our short action/adventure/family comedy, Ninja James and the Beast Boy for a little while now on this blog. It's a fun film inspired by the movie Crank. Yes, the Crank. After Leslie and I experience the adrenaline rush of that film, we put our heads together and decided to make an action film of our own. How many women directors do you see exploding buildings, crashing cars ... ? Not too many. Kathryn Bigelow comes to mind ... Mimi Leder ... recently Lexi Alexander. So why not us too? And thus the journey began.

Since assembling an amazing crew (all working for free) and as we're about to assemble the cast (all working for free), we realize there's still so much to pay for. Between feeding our people, renting equipment, costumes, props, prop cars, insurance, city permits, film festival submission fees, a sound mix, color correction ... well, it's adding up.

So we're coming to you guys asking for a little help. If you want to see some ladies team up to make an action/adventure film about the lengths parents will go for their children with some stunts, fight sequences, crazy camera shots and a lot of heart, we'll take all the help we can get.

Below is a donation button and to the side is a donation button. We promise to work our little butts off to make it really, really good.

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