Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday, I Love You

The week started rocky. Pot holes, uneven ground, a few minor spills. Argh. Damn you, life! But it got better. Always does.

1) The UT kids are stepping up, shining bright and making me smile.
2) My Script to Screen students ... what can I say, I got a really great group this semester.
3) I'm up for a writing assignment for ABC Family which I probably won't get just because, well, I'm sure there are way more qualified people in the running. But still, it's nice to be up for it.
4) We are casting this weekend for Ninja James and the Beast Boy. I love casting. I love casting. Did I mention I love casting? I love casting.
5) I have created a semi-more manageable shot list for Ninja. It makes it all a little less daunting.
6) We've raised about 2/3 of our budget for Ninja and have more to go, but it's so nice that people believe in us and want to support us on this one.
7) It's Friday. Friday means date night with my boy. I love spending time with my boy. So I love Fridays.

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