Friday, September 05, 2008

Bean, Why you do us like that?

My cat Pork Chop (PC Bean for short) is a cool cat. The coolest of the cool. We've been together for fourteen years Fourteen long and wonderful years. Savoring every second of every day together. But lately, things have gone awry. I love the little man, but he's trying a mother's patience.

He's peeing anywhere and everywhere except his litter box. Along the living room wall, next to the litter box a few feet from the litter box, by the window ... Maybe it's the move, I thought. The stress of a new home. A home he seems to enjoy otherwise. Maybe it's the litter box that's just a hair bigger than the last one. Maybe it's the placement (same as the last apartment). Maybe he decided he doesn't like me and Mark anymore and he's torturing us.

So we went to the vet. Is it a urinary tract infection, doctor? Well, is he straining to pee? No. Is he peeing excessively? No. Does he pee blood? Oh god, no! Sounds like a behavioral thing to me.

The docs prognosis ... he's old. His bladder ain't what it used to be. He's getting more senile. For real? Senile, this cat ain't. The boy knows where his litter box is. He goes there sometimes, I've seen him. He's left surprises for us in there.

And then tonight ... for the first time ... he pooed. Yep. Pooed on his favorite peeing spot. The wall in the living room. PORK CHOP!!!!!!

What have we done to deserve this? Why do you hate us so much? Why won't you pee and poo like all the other normal cats? We're at our wits end. For the love of god, PC Bean!

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