Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

I was introduced to Sam Peckinpah tonight. He tipped his hat and said "How do ya do?"

Cable Hogue might be my new favorite character in cinema. That crazy down on his luck guy left in the desert to die who discovers water where water wasn't and then turns his last $2.50 into a fortune. He builds a home and a life outta nothin'. I even got a little teary eyed when his friend gave him an American flag to hang outside his home. Anything is possible. The American dream is alive and well. With a little hard work, some elbow grease and a heart for what you love, the world is yours. But what really makes it all the worth while. To share that dream with someone you love. There's no price on that.

"Mr. Peckinpah, we should go have drinks some time cause I think I'm really gonna like you."

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