Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Writing in Murky Waters

After some amazing notes, a great phone call and a little bit of light from a friend, I'm seeing hope with the script. Oh, the process. Luckily I enjoy the process and I enjoy the script. I have a pile in my "Misc Scripts" folder that I can't get into as much like this one or the others that I've finished. It's sad to look at that pile sometimes.

I've started watching episodes of Clarissa Explains it All and The Adventures of Pete and Pete to research 1/2 hour TV scripts for kids. That'll be my next adventure. I've barely started an outline and a script. We'll see where it goes. Luckily 20 - 30 pages is a little bit more manageable than 115.

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Clay Liford said...

Hey Kat! I just have to toss out that Pete and Pete is one of the greatest shows ever made for both kids and adults alike! Just goes to show that children don't need to be pandered to, and can process some pretty sophisticated material. Either that, or I'm operating on a sub-adult mental level. Regardless, I'm obsessed with it to this very day.