Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lost Boys The Tribe - MEME

Mark and I have a code for movies. It's silly.

BME = Best Movie Ever
FME = Favorite Movie Ever
WME = Worst Movie Ever

and now a new one ...

MEME = Most Embarrassing Movie Ever

I don't hate a lot of movies and can usually find something ... anything redeeming about them. But Lost Boys The Tribe, uh, nothing. You're probably saying, Kat, of course it's gonna suck. What did you expect? Something mildly entertaining, I guess.

I kept covering my eyes, not because of the really lame special effects and "gore" or the super ridiculous camera shots or even the characters that you were hoping would die ... but because the movie as a whole was so completely embarrassing.

Here's a list of Lost Boys The Tribe wrongdoings

1) Head Vampire, the blond, super bad actor tops the mistakes. What casting director thought his looks (which aren't that great) would mask his lack of acting skills?
2) Making Corey Feldman's return to the screen bad. Making him do the Christian Bale, Batman voice and say really crappy lines like "Pop goes the weasel".
3) In the first five minutes, the main character gets into a shower with a woman he just met and has sex.
4) Every single female character sucks. They just get naked and hang on the guys' chests.
5) It's like they made the movie just to use these really crappy gore effects. They forgot that story and good, interesting characters were what makes a good movie.
6) The Covenant could win an Oscar compared to this film.

Mark just put in the first Lost Boys. Gotta go.

An hour and a half later ... the first one still holds up. Love it.

P.S. To redeem myself, I saw Tell No One on Friday and LOVED it!

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