Friday, August 08, 2008

High School Script

It's taken some major twists and turns. It started out one thing and is now something completely different. I'm on draft 8. Draft 8!!!! But it's been a good writing summer for me. It feels a lot closer. I know there are probably some loose ends. Pieces that need to be threaded together a little more tightly but it's getting there. This last draft took a major u-turn. The tires squealed and my hands turned the wheel around to head in a different direction. So I'll be curious. My stomach tenses as I read through most of it now and the pacing's a lot more clipped.

If only now I can think of a title. I have all the words I want to use in the title, but they don't sound very cool when I put them together.


Lorie said...

"Horror Prep"
Tee Hee

"Don't Fear The Reaper"
OOooo ha ha

"Who's In Trouble Now?"

Or maybe something arty...?

"Synecdoche, High School"

Kate said...

The title is the hardest part for me. They pay hollywood folks piles and stacks of money to come up with titles.