Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ghost World and Missing Ryan

I'm a big fan of the comic and I'm a big fan of the movie. We watched the film again tonight. This might be my tenth time. I laughed out loud, I got teary eyed over Brad Renfro and I wept a little at the end when Enid can't seem to find her place in the world and she realizes she and Becky are heading in different directions.

It's a fitting ending to a sad day. I put one of my best friends on a plane to Portland. I cried the whole way home. I felt like crap so I took a three hour nap after that.

This is a friend who've I've been through a rollercoaster of the last ten years with. I never would've met my husband had it not been for this friend. I never would've starred in a musical short film he directed had it not been for this friend. I never would have survived a break up from an 8 year relationship had it not been for this friend. I never would've been so appreciative of fart jokes and poop jokes had it not been for this friend. He's an angel of a human being who is going on to do great things far away from Texas. I'm going to miss the boy like mad. There are few friends that you can be down right silly with, stupid, dumb, fun, fart in front of, sleep over at their house if you need too, appreciate movies like The Covenant with, cry on their shoulder at 2 in the morning, hug on for no reason at all just cause you love them so much. It's a really sad day in Mudville.

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abc said...

Bummer your friend took off. I hear Portland is awesome, though, so now you have some place to stay when you visit!

I tried to appreciate The Covenant (just the other day!) but I had to turn it off when the girl started strip club type dancing in the bar. ugh.