Monday, August 25, 2008

First Week Jitters

This morning on my run I watched a mom taking photos of her little boy on his first day of school. Kindergarten, I presumed. Lunchbox in hand, backpack strapped to his back, he smiled a toothy smile for the camera.

Do I have the first week jitters?

I'm the quiet bee. The girl who gets sweaty palms when she has to introduce herself to a roomful of ... anyone. Teaching, well, that's a different story. But colleagues, peers ... I get nervous. Sitting in a room full of faculty at a meet and greet today made my knees shake. Even though I found some friendly and familiar faces. I still got super nervous. I felt like I didn't really belong there. I'm not an academic by any means. In fact the thought of going back to school makes me nauseous. No way, no day. But this is different. I'm on the other end. And the thing that matters most ... my students. Those are the folks I care about. Those are the ones I want to impress and inspire.

My husband keeps asking me ... Are you nervous? Do you have the jitters? I'll tell you what terrifies me about the first day of school ... the wait list. I have 21 kids on my wait list and no spots to fill. I'm scared that when class ends I'll have a line of students begging, pleading, crying and crying. I'm not good with the crying.

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