Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Horror of Not Having Internet Access

This weekend we've been at South Padre Island. It's the annual Osborn family vacation. Mark and I were horrified when we got to the condo and found out our internet connection was down. It's been TERRIBLE. We've been forced to read books, play in the ocean, hang out with our family, take 2-hour naps, eat Bugles with squeeze cheese, play board games and watch mindless television. The torture.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

August Evening Opens Theaters in NYC, 9/5

I'm super excited to pass along the good news that August Evening is making it's debut in theaters next Friday the 5th in NYC. I've seen it a few times now and love every second of it. Please, if you're in New York, go support this film and these filmmakers.

City Cinemas Village East
2nd Avenue (Between 11th and 12th)
Tickets Purchased
Q&A Friday and Saturday Nights

Professor Candler

Wait List Student: Professor Candler, I'm on the wait list and I was wondering my chances of getting in to this class.

Kat: Actually, I don't think I'm a Professor, but thank you. You can just call me Kat

Being a part of the university system and community is a strange, surreal feeling. It's been 12 years since I've been in a campus classroom.

I walked to school just in time to make my 11am office hours. I sat in my little office for an hour working on a script, wondering if anyone might knock on my door. No one. So I snuck out early and walked down to the Pita Pit. Swarms of students wearing flip flops, gym shorts and longhorn t-shirts, everywhere. I felt a little out of place. But I sat and ate my pita wrap and worked on my script a little more. Went back to my office and chatted on my phone with my mom (cause it's her birthday, Happy Birthday mom!) and then headed to class.

27 students, so young, staring at me with wide, curious and a few sleepy eyes. I gave them my spiel about expecting rejection, embracing your mistakes, never waiting for permission, loving your people and being a nice human being.

And then I did something I promised myself I wouldn't do. The 7 wait list kids who showed up and sat through the class and looked at me with those big, brown puppy dog eyes ... I added them to the roster. So I've got a big class, more papers to grade and more scripts to read. Fuck it. I couldn't say no.

I'm looking forward to seeing what they do. Seeing what tales they spin for the screen.

School is officially in session.

So yeah, you don't have to call me Professor Kat. Just Kat will do.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beginning to See the Light

To quote The Velvet Underground, Well, I'm beginning to see the light.

Spent the evening with my good buddy Chadwick moving along the special FX shots for Quarter to Noon. Those shots will go to Ray. Ray will work his magic and send them back to Chadwick. From there Matt and Brian wrap up the sound and score mix. We slap that on. Chadwick whips up a little color correction and voila ... done. It'll be a happy day in Mudville. Almost one year later. Whew.

And on to new projects ... meetings are in full swing for Ninja James. Crew is almost put together, about to start storyboarding, plotting visual FX, casting ... picture a big grin on my face.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in Our Younger Days

This photo Karen sent today makes me so crazy nostalgic.

College was this fun, ridiculous, lazy and experimental time. So many good memories. It's weird I never write about them though. I always seem to skip over the college years. Maybe because they're a little fuzzy.

Writing in Murky Waters

After some amazing notes, a great phone call and a little bit of light from a friend, I'm seeing hope with the script. Oh, the process. Luckily I enjoy the process and I enjoy the script. I have a pile in my "Misc Scripts" folder that I can't get into as much like this one or the others that I've finished. It's sad to look at that pile sometimes.

I've started watching episodes of Clarissa Explains it All and The Adventures of Pete and Pete to research 1/2 hour TV scripts for kids. That'll be my next adventure. I've barely started an outline and a script. We'll see where it goes. Luckily 20 - 30 pages is a little bit more manageable than 115.

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Week Jitters

This morning on my run I watched a mom taking photos of her little boy on his first day of school. Kindergarten, I presumed. Lunchbox in hand, backpack strapped to his back, he smiled a toothy smile for the camera.

Do I have the first week jitters?

I'm the quiet bee. The girl who gets sweaty palms when she has to introduce herself to a roomful of ... anyone. Teaching, well, that's a different story. But colleagues, peers ... I get nervous. Sitting in a room full of faculty at a meet and greet today made my knees shake. Even though I found some friendly and familiar faces. I still got super nervous. I felt like I didn't really belong there. I'm not an academic by any means. In fact the thought of going back to school makes me nauseous. No way, no day. But this is different. I'm on the other end. And the thing that matters most ... my students. Those are the folks I care about. Those are the ones I want to impress and inspire.

My husband keeps asking me ... Are you nervous? Do you have the jitters? I'll tell you what terrifies me about the first day of school ... the wait list. I have 21 kids on my wait list and no spots to fill. I'm scared that when class ends I'll have a line of students begging, pleading, crying and crying. I'm not good with the crying.

The Bangles - High School Obsession

Probably like many school girls in my day I was obsessed with The Bangles. I used to lock my bedroom door. Put the tape in the tape deck and crank it up. I'd hold the hair brush in my hand and lip sync into my full length mirror. I had the moves. I had the stance. I was a rock star.

I love this song so much it almost hurts.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sex Drive - The Trailer

Chris showed me the trailer on Friday. I'd never even heard of it. I'm a huge James Marsden fan and I'm psyched about his performance in this. And Clark Duke ... love him.

The Wire - Season 1

The Sad Loud Boys told me, watch The Wire. So I nabbed Bryan's box set and have poured through the first 10 episodes. If I'd had more time today, I would've finished it. There's always tomorrow. Needless to say, I'm a convert.

It's not the greatest looking television show in the world Nothing fancy. But man, the writing is something else. Every single character, big and small is beautifully written. It's good and bad that there are four more seasons to watch. I've heard that season 4 is life changing. Literally.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lost Boys The Tribe - MEME

Mark and I have a code for movies. It's silly.

BME = Best Movie Ever
FME = Favorite Movie Ever
WME = Worst Movie Ever

and now a new one ...

MEME = Most Embarrassing Movie Ever

I don't hate a lot of movies and can usually find something ... anything redeeming about them. But Lost Boys The Tribe, uh, nothing. You're probably saying, Kat, of course it's gonna suck. What did you expect? Something mildly entertaining, I guess.

I kept covering my eyes, not because of the really lame special effects and "gore" or the super ridiculous camera shots or even the characters that you were hoping would die ... but because the movie as a whole was so completely embarrassing.

Here's a list of Lost Boys The Tribe wrongdoings

1) Head Vampire, the blond, super bad actor tops the mistakes. What casting director thought his looks (which aren't that great) would mask his lack of acting skills?
2) Making Corey Feldman's return to the screen bad. Making him do the Christian Bale, Batman voice and say really crappy lines like "Pop goes the weasel".
3) In the first five minutes, the main character gets into a shower with a woman he just met and has sex.
4) Every single female character sucks. They just get naked and hang on the guys' chests.
5) It's like they made the movie just to use these really crappy gore effects. They forgot that story and good, interesting characters were what makes a good movie.
6) The Covenant could win an Oscar compared to this film.

Mark just put in the first Lost Boys. Gotta go.

An hour and a half later ... the first one still holds up. Love it.

P.S. To redeem myself, I saw Tell No One on Friday and LOVED it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ben Stiller - Hollywood God

I don't think people realize the greatness of Ben Stiller. Sure we see him as a funny guy in a lot of screwball comedies, but when I was talking with someone the other day, they had no idea he was a director. Much less, a writer. Dude! He's written and directed some of the best comedies out there ... Zoolander, The Cable Guy, Reality Bites ... The Ben Stiller Show. And it's fun to see how all of the circles and dots connect. Stiller and Judd Apatow go WAY back. Like back to the Heavyweights and The Ben Stiller Show. God bless the IMDB.

So it's no wonder that I enjoyed Tropic Thunder. My personal highlights ... Tom Cruise and Mathew McConaughey. Oh, did they make me giggle.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Writing in Sludge

I was trying to explain to Adam what it is to be writing your own screenplay and what it is to critique someone else's. When critiquing someone else's it's like you're flying high (way high) above the story and you can see everything. You can pick up on discrepancies, holes, story structure ... all that. But when it's your own script, you're buried far, far down in the sludge beneath the ocean and can't see anything but really dirty water. You need someone else who's sailing on a sailboat on the water's surface sipping champagne and eating strawberries to look at it. Ok, weird analogy, but whatever.

Eggplant Pizza from Home Slice

Every time I schedule a date or meet up at Home Slice Pizza in Austin, I dream about it for days leading up and days after. Their eggplant pizza is what I would consider heaven. I like eggplant a lot, but for those of you who don't, it doesn't taste like eggplant, it tastes like ... deliciousness. Pure amazing, yumminess. You have to trust me on this one. I promise, swear, cross my heart and hope to die if you don't love this pizza.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shotgun Stories, 8/23

One of my top ten films of 2008 without a doubt. And from an Austin filmmaker no less.

If you're in Austin on August 23rd and you haven't seen this film yet, go. Watching this movie was like reading a Faulkner novel. I loved every rich, southern, literary second of it.

Alamo Downtown, 4pm
August 23rd
Sponsored by the Austin Film Society
Writer / Director in Attendance

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ghost World and Missing Ryan

I'm a big fan of the comic and I'm a big fan of the movie. We watched the film again tonight. This might be my tenth time. I laughed out loud, I got teary eyed over Brad Renfro and I wept a little at the end when Enid can't seem to find her place in the world and she realizes she and Becky are heading in different directions.

It's a fitting ending to a sad day. I put one of my best friends on a plane to Portland. I cried the whole way home. I felt like crap so I took a three hour nap after that.

This is a friend who've I've been through a rollercoaster of the last ten years with. I never would've met my husband had it not been for this friend. I never would've starred in a musical short film he directed had it not been for this friend. I never would have survived a break up from an 8 year relationship had it not been for this friend. I never would've been so appreciative of fart jokes and poop jokes had it not been for this friend. He's an angel of a human being who is going on to do great things far away from Texas. I'm going to miss the boy like mad. There are few friends that you can be down right silly with, stupid, dumb, fun, fart in front of, sleep over at their house if you need too, appreciate movies like The Covenant with, cry on their shoulder at 2 in the morning, hug on for no reason at all just cause you love them so much. It's a really sad day in Mudville.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ninja James and the Beast Boy

We locked the script at 12 pages on Sunday. It's silly, it's fun, it's gonna be a serious filmmaking adventure. It's pretty darn involved. Car mounts, characters getting hit by cars, burn victim make-up, child actors ... I can't wait.

We had our first production meeting last night with a team of old friends and new ones. I'm psyched to be working with this crew. It's a hodge podge of kick ass friends who are going to be brilliant.

So much to do!

And so the adventure begins for Ninja James and the Beast Boy. More to come ....

Mad Men - Walk On Role Contest

One of my students, Briana McKeague entered a contest for a walk on role on Mad Men.

Vote for Briana!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

De Palma - Camera Genius

I'm on a total De Palma kick. I hated Sisters, leukwarm on Obsession and The Fury. The only film I can safely say I love is Carrie, BUT I can't stop watching anything he does. Between watching Snake Eyes and Femme Fatale recently and I've got Blow Out on the shelf ready to watch this weekend, I'm digging the De Palma. When it comes to camera work, the man's a genius.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Austin Fall Script to Screen Film Class

My Fall Script to Screen class is filling up fast. If you're interested or have friends that are interested, I have 4 slots left. I promise a fun 13 week filmmaking adventure.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


You're never done. Never ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Retelling = Wrapped

A big congrats to Emily, Tiffany, Danny, Harrison and the rest of the cast and crew for wrapping production on The Retelling. I had a blast hanging out with all of these guys on set. Even if my hair did look stringy in my scenes.

Carrot Juice vs. Diet Coke

Carrot juice isn't very good. It takes like vegetable milk.
I miss you Diet Coke. I wish we could still be friends.

A Weezer Brand of Coffee - It's Got a Kick (Bob Pollard Style)

On my morning walk/run I listen to whatever for a while ... a little Death Cab for Cutie, a little Belle and Sebastian, mix in some Madonna and then with about 1/2 an hour left, I have to put on Weezer. Consider it my "coffee" ... my "morning boost" if you will.

Listening to Troublemaker, The Greatest Man that Ever Lived, Pork N Beans, Everybody Get Dangerous and Dreamin' makes me want to kick down doors (Law and Order style) and take names. Booyah! Ready to start my day.

Put me in
A special school
'Cos I am such a fool
And I don't need
A single book
To teach me how to read
Who needs stupid books?
They are for petty crooks
And I will learn
By studying
The lesson in my dreams
Turn off the TV
'Cos that's what others see
And movies are as bad as
Eating chocolate ice cream
They only sicken me
Don't let me play football
I'll sack the quarterback
and jack da brother of the ball

I'm a troublemaker
Never been a faker
Doing things my own way
And never giving up
I'm a troublemaker
Not a double taker
I don't have
The patience
To keep it on the up

I picked up a guitar
What does that signify?
I'm gonna play
Some heavy metal riffs
And you will die
You wanted arts
And crafts
How's this for arts
And crafts
That's right
I'm growing out my hair
I'm movin' out
To Cherokee
I'm gonna be
A rock star
And you will go
To bed with me
'Cos I can't work a job
Like any other slob
Punch it in
And punch it out
And suckin' up to Bob
Marrying a bitch
Having 7 kids
Giving up
And growing old
And hoping
There's a God

I'm a troublemaker
Never been a faker
Doing things
My own way
And never giving up
I'm a troublemaker
Not a double taker
I don't have
The patience
To keep it
On the up

I'm gonna be a star
And people
Will crane necks
To get a glimpse of me
And see
If I am having a sex
In studying
And my moves
They try
To understand
Why I am so unlike
The singers
In the other bands

I'm such a mystery
As anyone can see
There isn't
Anybody else
Exactly quite
Like me'

And when
It's party time
Like 1999
I party by myself
Because I'm such
A special guy

I'm a troublemaker
Never been a faker
Doing things
My own way
And never giving up
I'm a troublemaker
Not a double taker
I don't have
The patience
To keep it
On the up
I'm a troublemaker
Never giving up

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

End of Semester Blues

Tonight was my last night of summer classes. I'm bummed. I always get bummed. But this semester was kind of special. Between my four teen boys who were so excited about everything Dark Knight and Watchmen and my adults who were just this dynamic, kick ass group, I'm sad it's all over. Luckily, I'll be seeing several of them in the fall for one reason or another. And our end of semester screening is a little over a month away, so that'll be good. But still. I really enjoyed getting to know all of them and hanging out with them. It felt less like a class and more like a gab session about making movies.

My fall classes are filling up. And UT starts in two weeks. Man, I can't believe it's almost here. Summer's almost over. I'm not finished with everything I wanted to finish. But that's how it goes. I'm looking forward to the fall and whatever new adventures I'll be on.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm Not an Actress

Once upon a time I was the star of high school plays and musicals, headed to college to be an actor. Spent my freshman year in acting classes at Emerson College. Hated it. Wanted desperately to quit and go home. And so I did. Thank god. I'm not an actress. It was fun and fulfilling as a kid, but not so much now. I cringe when I see myself on screen and realize that it's so much harder than I ever thought. And I ain't cut out for it.

I played a cameo role in Emily's film The Retelling. Reteamed with Paul Conrad from cicadas. It was last minute. Like, last, last minute and I had to memorize lines and hit my marks and all that good stuff. And then last night when Megan showed me my footage from the first day we shot, I couldn't help but think my hair's stringy, my teeth are crooked, my complexion's atrocious ... It made me want to get a hair cut, manicure, and skin foliation (or something like that).

An actress, I'm not. Nor do I have any desire to be.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hitchcock Double Feature

It's funny, I've rented so many modern films investigating "the thriller", when all I needed to do was start with the master. How stupid of you, Kat.


This movie is exactly what I've been looking for. Back and forth. Is he or isn't he? All the way to the credits and beyond.

Oh man. This might be one of my new favorite films. And I think I'm in love with Lawrence Olivier.

Friday, August 08, 2008

High School Script

It's taken some major twists and turns. It started out one thing and is now something completely different. I'm on draft 8. Draft 8!!!! But it's been a good writing summer for me. It feels a lot closer. I know there are probably some loose ends. Pieces that need to be threaded together a little more tightly but it's getting there. This last draft took a major u-turn. The tires squealed and my hands turned the wheel around to head in a different direction. So I'll be curious. My stomach tenses as I read through most of it now and the pacing's a lot more clipped.

If only now I can think of a title. I have all the words I want to use in the title, but they don't sound very cool when I put them together.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Zombie Girl - Fantastic Fest

If you're going to Fantastic Fest, you can't miss this film. And if you won't be at Fantastic Fest, you can't miss it when it comes to a theater/screen/DVD player near you. I promise you a fun little adventure into Emily Hagins' making of her first feature film at age 12. It's funny, sweet, heartbreaking and makes you want to make a movie.

Go watch the trailer on the official website.

Joe O'Connell's Film Festival

Check out what Joe O'Connell would program in his own personal film festival.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Role Models - The Trailer

OMG! So excited!!!!!

Sony PMW-EX1 Camera

For my class at UT, we get our own special, brand new Sony EX1 HD Cameras. I've been watching the training DVD in chunks (It's a very long DVD). I still have a little ways to go but damn, I'm sold. I haven't even touched the camera and already I'm thinking I must have it. But sadly for seven grand, it ain't gonna happen anytime soon. But a girl can dream, right? It's so pretty.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Productive Days

I love the days where you feel like you're just crossing things off your "list of to dos".

  • UT Class Calendar and Assignments = Check
  • Final UT Class Syllabus = Check
  • UT Equipment Rental List for Class = Check
  • Candler Productions Website Live = Check
  • Business Cards Ordered = Check
  • Post Office (Twice) = Check
  • Sony EX1 Video Demonstration = So Close to Finishing. Only 30 more minutes of the 2 1/2 hour video
  • Catching up on Twilight Movie Website = Check

Candler Productions - Website

I've been working for the past few weeks on a website for my new company Candler Productions with the wonderful boys over at Zoticus Design.

Here's what we came up with. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Running Scared (2006)

I was never really a Paul Walker fan. Until now. I've heard Eight Below is a surprisingly good film, but have yet to check it out.

I was always a Wayne Kramer (The Cooler) fan. He pulls a rollercoaster ride of a movie out of Running Scared. This is a director that knows how to take somewhat ridiculous storylines and suck you in and make you believe every turn and twist and tell you things are gonna be ok in the end even though they might not.

Please keep putting a camera and good actors in Wayne Kramer's hands. He knows what to do with them.

Cuts for a Cause - 8/17

Help Support Austin Resource Center for the Homeless

Show up to James Allan Salon, Sunday, August 17th between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and get a haircut from the best hairstylists in Austin. They're donating their time to raise much needed funds for Trinity Center, a resource center for the homeless.

Many of the excellent stylists at James Alan salon will be there as will stylists from "Bob" and other top salons in Austin.

Cuts for a Cause
Sunday, Aug. 17
8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
James Allan Salon, 4406 Burnet Road
Suggested donation: $25

Trinity Center provides coffee, breakfast, and information about employment, housing, healthcare, and other support services and offers case management with licensed social workers. We also provide limited financial assistance to help with prescription co-pays, state I.D. Cards and Disability Bus Cards as well as 24 hour Metro bus passes. We are very low on funds right now and I was thrilled when James offered to host this event. I'm long time volunteer at Trinity Center and can promise you that the it's an excellent organization and one of the few in Austin that provides much needed services for people who would otherwise fall through the cracks.

Don't miss a great opportunity to get a new look and help a local organization. And if you do have to miss it, you can make contributions to Trinity Center HERE.

Running with Kids

At races, I always envied the people strong enough to run a race AND push a stroller with their child in it. So here's my brother, looking all tough doing exactly that. And my niece Caroline looking all cute.

And then I'm wondering, what the hell is my brother doing running a race in the dead of summer? I can barely get through 20 - 30 minutes of a run in this dang hot heat.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Swing Vote

I was kind of "eh" on going to see Swing Vote. I love when Kevin Costner does his goofy, southern, charming characters (The Upside of Anger) and the trailers kind of tickled my funny bone. And then last May my agent told me to check out Madeline Carroll. "Up and coming" she said.

About five minutes in, I was having some major doubts. The script seemed forced and the characters were a little stiff. But then it eased in pretty nicely. Some punchy lines, heart warming characters and a performance by Madeline Carroll that renews my faith in child actors.
I'm not sure I've laughed out loud so hard since Don't Mess with the Zohan. Two instances in Swing Vote that are too ridiculous to describe that had me holding my belly. Mark looked over to make sure I was ok. And of course, I wept. The tears were a flowin'. Big time. Again, Madeline Carroll gives a kick ass performance.

There were a few places that fell a little short. But overall, I totally dug it. It made me feel proud to be an American. And it made me excited to vote in November. I wish everyone would skip out on their second viewing of The Dark Knight and go check out this film.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Script Break Throughs

At Wednesday's writing session with Adam, I was about to rip my hair out. I kept throwing a piece of paper over my face, whining. "I can't do this! This sucks. I hate this. Everything sucks, blah, blah, blah, whine, whine, whine." Boohoo.

And then on a run/walk the next morning, I had an epiphany. Weezer was on the old iPod singing about everybody getting dangerous. I was grinning/scheming from ear to ear while Rivers Cuomo provided a cool, hip soundtrack to strut to. I bobbed my head and plotted the death of certain characters in my script.

So our Thursday writing session was brilliant. Adam and I were type, type, typing away like mad. After a good long while he looked over and said "I think this is the first thing we've said to each other in over an hour."