Saturday, July 26, 2008

Top Teen Angst Films

I was tagged by Tractor Facts who was tagged by Lazy Eye Theatre on the following, fun assignment. Program a weeks worth of films at a local theater in your town.

Here are the rules:
1) Choose 12 Films to be featured. They could be random selections or part of a greater theme. Whatever you want.
2) Explain why you chose the films.
3) Link back to Lazy Eye Theatre so I can have hundreds of links and I can take those links and spread them all out on the bed and then roll around in them.
4) The people selected then have to turn around and select 5 more people.

So my theme would be "Teen Angst". And I choose this theme because ... well, because that's what I love most in the world. I live, breathe and sleep teen angst (at the age of 33). So there you go. Here's my line-up ...

Monday - Tuesday

Who writes teen angst better than John Hughes? Like, seriously.
Pretty in Pink (1986), Howard Deutch

Sixteen Candles (1984), John Hughes

Wednesday - Thursday

When it comes to girls fitting in, hitting puberty and the transformation into womanhood, what better way than through horror films.
Carrie (1976), Brian DePalma
Ginger Snaps (2000), John Fawcett

Friday - Saturday

This is a selfish night of programming. River Phoenix was my teen idol crush. Enough said. Just be lucky I didn't choose A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon.
Stand By Me (1986), Rob Reiner
My Own Private Idaho (1991) Gus Van Sant

Sunday - Monday

Hard edged teens with more than first kisses and what to wear to prom on their minds.

Over the Edge (1979) Jonothan Kaplan

Streetwise (1984), Martin Bell

Tuesday - Wednesday

Classic, classic, classic. Teens in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today all go through the same damn thing. And it hurts just as bad now as it did back then.
The Last Picture Show (1971), Peter Bogdanovich
Rebel Without a Cause (1955) Nicholas Ray

Thursday - Friday
Dialogue we wish we were witty enough to say in high school.
Ghost World (2001) Terry Zwigoff

"It's not like I'm some modern punk, dickhead. It's an obvious, 1977 original punk rock look. I guess Johnny fuckface over there's too stupid to realize it."

Heathers (1989) Michael Lehmann
"I brought you to a Remington party and what's my thanks? It's on a hallway carpet. I got paid in puke."

Saturday - Sunday

If only in real life we danced when we felt angst ridden. The world might be a safer place.
Footloose (1984), Herbert Ross

Step Up 2 the Streets (2008), Jon Chu

Close Runner Ups:
Say Anything
The Breakfast Club
Pump Up the Volume
Some Kind of Wonderful
Can't Hardly Wait
She's the Man
Dead Poet's Society

So yeah, I tag Mr. Lowery, Mr. Tully, Mr. O'Connell, Mr. Hadley, and Mr. Dentler


megan hagins said...

I enjoyed this list. I like that you chose movies that came before and after the 80s.

Too bad your list was created before Twilight comes out...that's teen angst with Vampires!

Kat Candler said...

i'm VERY excited about the film version of twilight. i'm nervous and excited because i loved the book so much.

Joe M. O'Connell said...

OK, I finally responded on my blog!--Joe