Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rush on The Colbert Report

So my brother was giddy to send me this clip of Rush on Colbert. You have to understand, my brother might very well be the biggest Rush fan ever. Well, him and his best friend Thomas who have worshipped the ground that Geddy Lee, Alex Lifesona nd Neil Peart have walked on since junior high. They've gone to countless concerts, have all the T-shirts, all the records, all the bootleg records. My brother idolized Neil Peart growing up. I listened to his constant drum banging through my bedroom wall for years.

I used to hate Rush. Passionately. Only because I was inundated with their music from an early age. Kind of like seafood. I grew up on seafood and now my stomach turns at the sight of it. But Rush ... well, after college and moving away from my family and my brother, they kind of grew on me. I really, truly think they're a great band, but more importantly every time I hear Geddy Lee's voice I think of my brother. And that means a lot to me.

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