Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quarter to Noon - 91%

We're close. Very close. We spent an hour tonight going over notes, watching the film ... agreeing and disagreeing. Coming to some consensus on what we need to do to finish it up and get it out into the world.

The biggest thing we have to do is reshoot a dolly shot. The way it ends has never punched me in the gut. I need it to punch me in the gut. We had to compromise when we originally shot the ending last fall. The dolly didn't work, Greg had the stomach flu ... it was a bit of a mess. So we'll borrow a 30-foot dolly next week and grab a super duper easy shot to composite too.

And lastly we need to beef up the quirkiness in the sound design. Those were the two big chunks. So I'm off to compile my notes and get back to work with the team.

The script for the new short film is in the works. I spent my Wednesday writing time with Intern Adam writing the first draft. I'll pass it off to my cohort before bed so she can take a crack at it tomorrow.

Hostage is on TV. I really love this film. Damn you cable television!!!

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