Sunday, July 06, 2008

I Am a Fan Boy

I'm totally jealous because Mark just found out he's on "the list" to see the sneak of Hellboy 2. Guillermo Del Toro in attendance. I want to go too!!!

For some reason people find it surprising that I'm a total fan boy at heart. I love the superhero movies. I love the big budget sci-fi flicks. I love to hear who's cast as what and then get outraged because so and so could never play such and such. I'm a sucker for teen slasher flicks, especially directed by Wes Craven. I go see anything that takes place in the future. Especially if it's post-apocalyptic. Road Warrior, Mad Max ... seen 'em a million times. I've seen every single Buffy episode ... in order. The movies I was most excited about seeing this summer ... X-Files and The Happening.

I don't read Ain't It Cool News everyday. In fact, kinda never. I forget to read it. But if I need to hear about anything super duper important, I usually get the goods from Mark, Kurt or Brian. So yes, I'm well aware of the Frank Darabont Indiana Jones script that George Lucas poopooed. And almost got my hands on it ...

I think it comes from my mom. She's a huge fan of things like Conan the Barbarian (and all the spin offs and sequels), The Terminators, anything involving cyborgs and/or swords (Highlander). And if it's a cyborg swinging a sword, my mom's first in line. This is no joke. Hell, my dad even took me to see Dune when I was 10.

I might have suppressed the Fan Boy inside me for many, many years. Pretended I was of the snooty art house type. I would only go see movies at the Arbor, Dobie or Village (pre-Alamo days). I thought that if a film played at Sundance it meant it was good. After going to Sundance in 2001, I learned that wasn't the case. I realized quickly that festival films were both extraordinary and abysmal.

So yeah, I admit it. I'd rather see X-Files than the latest obscure French film. That's not to say that the latest obscure French film isn't amazing and mind blowing, I just would rather hang out with Mulder and Scully this summer.


megan hagins said...

Even if you did read Ain't It Cool News regularly, you really needed to have a Fantastic Fest badge to get in or even get an invitation before the news went out to the masses. Hope you have your Fantastic Fest badge. I look forward to this fest so much... it is a festival for everyone's inner fanboy (or girl).

Kat Candler said...

Mark and I bought our Fantastic Fest Badges months ago. We're good to go. I have to teach Tuesday night or else I'd be there. I love Guillermo Del Toro!

megan hagins said...

Very cool.