Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Crank (2006)

Jason Statham plays Chev, a hit man ready to quit the assassination business. Unfortunately his last hit, hits him with a Beijing Cocktail that'll kill him unless he keeps his heart pounding on overdrive. He's an adrenaline junky, relying on cocaine, sex, Red Bull and fast cars to stay alive. It starts off at 100 miles an hour and never slows down. It's ridiculous, over the top and I loved it. I couldn't stop shaking my head and uttering, oh my god, for real? Yep. For real. Not to mention, I could watch Jason Statham all day long.


David Lowery said...

I like Jason Statham, too, but I sorta despised this movie. Give me the transporter any day!

Kat Candler said...

i can't help it. i liked the crank.

i'm excited to see transporter. and i have a number of other fast paced films to see. i really want to see the punisher. mostly because it's directed by a woman. very curious.