Monday, July 14, 2008

cicadas on WNET in NYC, 7/19

Screening on PBS in New York
Saturday, 7/19, 11:55pm
Sunday, 7/20, 4:25am
WNET, Reel 13
Available at B-Side

Long ago, I made this feature film called, cicadas. We shot it over the summer of 1999 in a tiny, tiny town called Bertram, TX (population 835). We shot the film on a Canon XL1 back when mini-DV was brand spankin' new. Over 6 weeks, Thursdays through Sundays a cast and crew trucked out to the middle of nowhere to make a story loosely based on a crush I had at age 16. The summer of 1999 was one of the best summers of my life. We had no expectations, no grandiose ideas of making it big ... we just wanted to make a feature film just to learn how to do it. And man oh man, what came out of that film was a family of friends, a super fun summer and a little movie that could.

If you have friends in New York who like to stay up crazy late or can record stuff to their VHS or DVD players, pass this along. It's fun to share your heart with people. Even if it's super rough around the edges.


agnieszka said...

rough around the edges? crazy talk. it was fab. I caught it round midnight and was transported and mesmerized. i am going to look up your other films and try to see them .
This made my day or week, I was touched and will think about this film for a long time. Thank you.

Kat Candler said...

thank you!

agnieszka said...

You know, I really hate the term “ chick lit” or “chick movies” but one of my g-friends came over last night and we watched your movie again (I got it form Not that I don’t suspect that the movie’s sensibility would appeal to plenty of men, (I know it would) but, you should see us after the movie: getting all girly- cheesy, reminiscing about first love, etc. And, of course, I have a ginormous crush on Mr. Brandon Howe, like a damn school girl. But it’s all good. I’ll google him and print out his picture from one of the stills from the film and keep it in my bag☺ If I had a locker, I swear I’d scotch tape it inside.
The crazy thing is I grew up outside of USA, but you captured that longing, that heartache and that crazy moment when you first feel the wind of what it might be like to be growing up. So I guess that is universal, regardless of cultural differences. And, by the way, I totally miss feeling like that: that rush, craziness, invincibility and vulnerability all at the same time. Ohhh…