Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Boys in Class

These little guys bring me such joy. So many hearty laughs. We chose two films tonight to shoot. Both comedies. Both boy comedies. I'm excited to see their heads spinning onto a screen. We also did some acting exercises and talked about my favorite part of making movies, working with the actors. Bringing performances to life.

I have to start on my UT syllabus soon, soon, soon. Yesterday I got my office assignment with three other lecturers. This is definitely going to be an adventure. Hopefully a good one. I'm getting fun ideas of what to do in class, besides the usual rigmarole.

I have much work to do. But today ... today, I'm gonna start packing our bags from our little apartment. The apartment I've lived in for over 5 years now. We're sort of getting the boot. In a smarmy kind of way. Evil landlords, like evil step fathers who come in at the last minute and make your life a living hell. Grrrr. More details and warnings on this one once we're completely out of the place and have our deposit check safely in hand.

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Jennifer Gandin Le said...

Best of luck with the move. We had to leave our last NYC apartment under similarly smarmy landlord circumstances. No fun at all. At times like that, I think of that old Yiddish saying that goes, "May they grow like onions, with their heads in the ground!"