Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bad Movies, Love 'Em

Don't ask me why we rented True Crime. It's got Johnny Drama in it? I love the Johnny Drama. But yeah, this movie pretty much sucks in every which way. You can learn a lot from a bad movie just like you can learn a lot from a good one. I learned a whole lot from True Crime.

Last night we watched Domestic Disturbance. Again, my choice. I have to say the film had some high points and then took a major spill in the end. He had a nice set up and an interesting angle, but then blah. And even though normally I detest Mr. Travolta, I really liked him in this. I thought he did a really natural job.

We also rented American Psycho 2 but got through the first 30 minutes and gave up. That happened last weekend with Bratz: The Movie. So maybe you're asking yourself, Kat have you lost your mind? Why are you renting such crappy movies? Cause maybe somehow, for some weirdo reason it makes me feel better about myself. Is that crazy? I like to watch bad movies so I can say, I can do better than that. If it doesn't make sense, I think you've got to let me have it anyway.


Ben said...

Makes total sense. I hope you are also watching good movies thinking, "I can do better than that".

Spartickes said...

I have to say too, even a terrible movie can have flashes of brilliance.

I didn't care for House of 1000 Corpses at all, but I watched the shootout scene about 5 times because I thought it was really well done.