Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Trouble with Obsession

When I get super excited about something, I get obsessed. Truly obsessed. That obsession can be productive and relatively healthy or it can give me panic attacks and freak other people out. If you haven't seen me manic before, it can be a scary thing. I think only Stacy and Mark have gotten a real taste of it.

I'm working with a good obsession these days. I was up until 4am last night writing. 2am the night before. I couldn't stop. I had all these changes and notes to work from. Plus I've enjoyed living in that story. That scandalous, cheesy teen, world. It's been fun.

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karen said...

Beg to differ, little lady. I think anyone who knows you knows your obsessive side. Sorry to call you out, but it's not like you keep it hidden at all.