Thursday, June 26, 2008

Teen Film Boys vs Teen Film Girls

Tonight started the new semester of my Teen Class at the Austin School of Film. I went from a full day/week with my four eighth grade girls at Film Camp who only wanted to talk about Jordan Shipley and check their MySpace pages ... to five teen boys in my ASF class who only wanted to talk about superheroes and compare horror films. It's a fun contrast. These boys (bless their hearts) are the kind of boys that girls think are "weird" or "scary". They wear mostly black, doodle monsters in their spiral bound notebooks and are beside themselves with excitement for The Dark Knight. Someday the girls won't think they're so "weird" because they'll be writing the great American novels and making music videos that rival Spike Jonze and Mark Romanek.

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Brett said...

Hi Kat,

Any possibility of offering an RSS feed? I want to know what you have to say, but I'm terrible about visiting individual sites. If you could show up in my aggregator, I wouldn't miss a thing.