Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Murder By Numbers

I watched Murder By Numbers before bed last night. I've seen this film like 20 times. Main reason I've seen this film like 20 times, Michael Pitt. I have a thing for Michael Pitt. My husband knows it, I know it. He's been my River Phoenix since River Phoenix passed away. In short, I was obsessed with River Phoenix since I saw Stand By Me as a kid. Then he passed away in 1993 and I was crushed. When I saw Michael Pitt on Dawson's Creek he became my new River Phoenix. I have a total actor obsession. I can't help it.

What I love about Murder By Numbers ... everything that doesn't involve Sandra Bullock's subplot with her ex-husband. For me it'd be a perfect film if:

a) Sandra Bullock and Ben Chaplin weren't in it. No offense to either of them. I'm a big Sandra Bullock fan from what she does best ... Miss Congeniality. But this ain't it for her. And Ben Chaplin, well, I feel like he's just sort of there. There's no spark, no fire, nada. There was some major miscasting on the adult side of things.

b) The story should solely have focused on the boys. Yes Ryan Gosling and Michael Pitt burn up the screen. Yes, I could watch them for hours. Those boys make this film. They make all the young girls' hearts sing with their oozing sex appeal, pretty boy charm and major acting chops. Sandra and Ben should've taken a lesson from these two on chemistry. Holy moly!

c) They hadn't shot so much of the ocean side scenes with green screen. It's really obvious.

So yeah, this is my major guilty pleasure. I just simply press fast forward through half of it. Just get to the good parts. I already know who murdered who and how it all went down. I just want to see Ryan and Michael do what they do best.


Mandy said...

I haven't seen this movie (I don't even remember hearing about it...), but I love Ben Chaplin. I'll have to see it now, even if you say he's not so great in it.

UmassSlytherin said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!! Yes!!! Any fan of this movie has their head screwed on straight.

Yes, Michael Pitt is amazing in all of his films: he is without a doubt the man I want to crawl inside of and die. I have said it before and I will say it again: I would pay a million dollars if I could make out with him for five minutes. And like yours, my husband is aware of this. He is aware of the fact that if Michael Pitt asked me to do anything, and I mean anything, even if it were unwise or illegal, it is doubtful that I would say no. Extremely doubtful.

Excellent, excellent post. Hats off to you, Wallflower...

Kat Candler said...

wow. i'm not sure i'd do anything ... but i certainly would love to meet him and work with him. i just think he's wicked talented.