Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jordan Shipley is Dreamy

According to my girl's at girl camp, Jordan Shipley is way dreamy. Being the football illiterate girl that I am, I was totally clueless. Jordan who?

We were at the UT football stadium on Tuesday shooting a scene for their film when who comes walking toward us? Jordan Shipley!!!!!! OMG!!!!! All of a sudden the squeals nearly made the ground shake. They got photos and shook his hand. I had no idea how big a deal this was, but let me just say ... to them it was a BIG DEAL. Ever since Tuesday it's all they talk about. Jordan this, Jordan that. Jordan touched my wrist here (insert squeal). OMG I was wearing this shirt when Jordan shook my hand (insert another squeal).

The first thing my father in law wanted to know (cause he's well aware of who Jordan is) was if he was nice. Yes, he was very nice and sweet to the girls. And yes, for the jock football player type of guy, he is kind of dreamy.

The girls are so cute about it, I can't stand it.

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