Friday, June 06, 2008

The Honda Civic Curse

Mark and I bought a brand new, beautiful, Honda Civic about a year ago. It was so exciting. We read the consumer reports, checked out all of our options, found the car we wanted, haggled with dealerships online, made a deal with the nice folks in Killeen and then drove it off the lot and back to Austin. We did really good.

Within a week we were in a movie at the Gateway Theater. We came out laughing and chatting about the film to find a note on our car and a nice scratch on our bumper. A teenage girl who'd JUST gotten her driver's license failed to look behind her when backing out of her space and rear ended us.

Then about six months ago, I was pulling out of my office parking lot (slowly I might add). From out of nowhere a burly, tattooed dude on a BMX comes flying (literally) toward me and plowed into the side of my car. I was at a dead stop when he hit me. A bicycle hit me. A bicycle. Major scratch #2.

A few weeks ago we witnessed a major act of God. The most insane hail storm I've ever seen in my life tore through our neighborhood ripping roofs off houses, pushing trees onto cars. I'm talkin' hail the size of golf balls came down in sheets. When we woke up the next morning, my car looked like it had super bad acne. Dimples everywhere. An estimated $6,000 worth of damage.

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail for a recall to the 2007 Honda Civic. Some thingamajig pertaining to some doohickey needs to be replaced otherwise it's very, very dangerous.

This morning after running lots of errands, my car stereo was cranked, singing out loud to some Pretenders song, less than a mile from my office when all of a sudden I watched the woman in the other lane plow into a truck in front of her. She slid into my lane as I slammed on my brakes. The slick streets sent me into her passenger side bumper. No one was hurt, thank god, but just another dent to add to the growing list.

So yeah, this morning, I'm at my breaking point. I'm throwing my arms up in the air and yelling, "I give up. I give up."


Lorie said...

I'm glad no one was hurt. I'm sorry to hear about your Dent History - sad face. :( But, look at it this way; those'll be nothing compared to the mess inside of your car someday when you have kids. Happy face. :)

Ben said...

Dude, that sucks! I am feeling the bad car karma... Megan's car was broken into AGAIN 2 nights ago. Nothing was taken (we don't leave anything in our cars). But it is a pain to get the window replaced.

abc said...

I relate. Except we have the Nissan Sentra curse. In one year we were rear ended three times. And then there have been those other years....You know, I think we are just cursed in general.