Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Happening - What Happened?

I'm a big fan of M. Night Shyamalan. But that's not to say I'm a big fan of all of his films. I've seen everything he's done. From the exciting Unbreakable to the embarrassing The Village and even his thesis film. I was one of the very few who loved and I mean, truly loved, The Lady in the Water. I like something about all of his movies. I'm intrigued by all of his films, always expecting greatness, but then being let down in some way or another. The Happening was the biggest mess, the saddest display of directing and true waste of acting talent on screen. I was cringing, embarrassed for the actors and mostly for Shyamalan. I know this is harsh to say, but I truly think he's lost his mind. I can't imagine what else went wrong besides the fact that he's slipped and fallen overboard. I know he has an ego that's probably exploded and sent him into George Lucas land. Regardless, I'll continue with unwavering enthusiasm to see every thing he does. I can't help it.

On the flip side, I really loved the Hulk. I haven't seen Iron Man. But I'm psyched about the new round of super hero movies these days. Thank God for Marvel Studios.

And lastly, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I cried when I saw the X-Files trailer. Ask Mark, I was wiping away the tears and bouncing up and down in my seat.


abc said...

"I know he has an ego that's probably exploded and sent him into George Lucas land. "

Ha ha ha. love that line. so true, about a lot of people.

Jennifer Gandin Le said...

YES! Chris and I were also thrilled beyond words when the X-Files trailer came on. He actually let out a yell of excitement. I was amazed that the rest of the theater was so quiet.

And I'm with you on "The Happening." "Signs" was one of those rare movies that scared me to my heart; I had trouble sleeping for nights after seeing it. And some of the moments between Toni Colette and Joel Haley Osment in "Sixth Sense" are tender and touching. But with this new movie, I felt like Shyamalan had never really seen two human beings interact. Very strange. I hope he finds his way back.