Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting Out of High School

I've wrapped up a second draft of the my high school script. Made a few tweaks here and there. Planning a super informal, small read through next week to get some big notes from some younger types. The audience I hope would go see it. Teens are pretty great when it comes to feedback. No holds barred with them. It's scary and good.

In the mean time, during Intern Adam and Kat's writing session today I went back to an old, old script that I wrote right after my first feature cicadas. It's a super duper dramatic piece. Reading through it I'm cringing here and there at lines and formatting, but overall it's not terrible or anything. So I'm gussying it up a bit to see if I want to stick with it, update it or maybe even turn it inside out. We shall see. I needed to get away from the high school world and get some perspective. Just stay away. Work on something else.

Meanwhile, I'm battling overmodulated sound from a DVCam of cicadas in preparation for a broadcast on NY PBS. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE dealing with all things technical. I've wanted to throw up all week over it.

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