Thursday, June 12, 2008

Late 90s / Early 2000 Teen Flicks

I've been in major teen movie world. Shortly after I moved to Austin in 1997 there was a series of great teen flicks. I'm always a big one to go to the movies by myself. And usually these were the movies I couldn't convince my then boyfriend to go see. Regardless, I was happy relishing in the teen drama and teen horror solo. It began with Can't Hardly Wait, moved on to The Faculty, Disturbing Behavior, Halloween H2O, Cruel Intentions, the Scream Sequels and on and on. So I've been revisiting a lot of these lately.
In the last 24 hours I've watched The Faculty, Teaching Mrs. Tingle and Disturbing Behavior. It's been a blast from the past. Some hold up, some don't, some really didn't in the first place. The Faculty. I love this movie so much. Everything about it. Well, everything but the special FX. They were crappy then and they're really crappy now. It's got a stellar cast and they carry that film, big time. What's next on the list of old school fun? I'm curious to go back to some of the comedies soon.

Just FYI, I've been obsessed with the Disturbia script. Seriously, I've been dissecting it, bit by bit. It's so friggin' good.

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Mandy said...

Did you ever watch Drive Me Crazy? If not, you totally should!!