Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can I Be Any More Junior High?

I'm not allowed to work on my high school script for two days. It's torture. I want to pull it up and tweak and fix and tuck it in a little on the sides, but no. I won't open the file or the folder or even think about it. I'll just sit here twiddling my little fingers until the read through on Thursday. And then and only then will I dive back in and get lost in the high school melodrama. All the while, I'm neglecting other things that I should be doing, like prepping a camp, working on my syllabus for the UT class, updating my film finances, cleaning my bathroom and so much more.

So as a distraction, I pulled up a script I started a while back. Seven whole pages long. But, hey, seven decent pages. And then to get inspired to write more on that one, I dug out my junior high diary. My Oma gave me this teal green, Chinese looking diary in 5th grade. But not until 7th grade did I really crack it open. And when I started penning my days, oh man. Let me just say, embarrassing. That little diary took me all the way up until my senior year. You can flip through the pages and see things like ...

Unicorns Live!
I love Rick Hill so much!
I Heart River Phoenix!
I think I love John S Now!
(yes, Kelly, your John S)
I still love Rick!
I'm so damn confused!

Oh junior high, why do I obsess over you?

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