Monday, June 16, 2008

Blogger Spotting

Tonight I was chaperoning my students for their auditions. I was outside holding open a locked door while the triple digit temperatures was making me a little whoozy. Out of the blue one of the actors came up after his audition and totally made my night.

Ms. Candler. I feel like I'm standing next to a star. I read your blog.

Really? For real? I felt giddy stupid about it. Seriously? It's hard to imagine who reads this thing. I know my friends, my mom, my mother in law and sister in laws, maybe a few old classmates ... It's amazing who I get a note from every once in a while. Blogs are such strange things. Just today David Lowery emailed me about a bunch of old entries that I'd posted when were in post production on JOB. How it was useful to read through. Huh. Cool.

My blog is just a hodge podge of random rumblings, rants, nostalgia, Tim Conway youtube clips, me being stupid, upset, mad, crazed, excited, trying to sound smart when I know I sound dumb. Making a record of my days like it means something. But I tell you what, that encounter tonight was so sweet. He mentioned my blog entry about my husband on his birthday and how I'd married for all the right reasons. How he'd been married for 36 years and what it meant to him.

I couldn't wipe that silly grin off my face for a good long while.


Michelle said...

It's really funny I stumbled on your blog. I am also a fan although this is my first visit to your blog. I worked at Whole Foods Gateway and you were (maybe still are, I don't know) one of our regulars. When I read about one of your films in the chronicle, I told my hubby, "I kind of know this lady! This is awesome!" but then we moved away and I never did tell you congrats on your success(although now we are back in Austin, thank goodness).

So, back to being funny I stumbled onto your blog, now I can say: congrats on your success and may you have much much more! Good luck with this fall semester!

Kat Candler said...

that's hilarious. sadly, i don't go there anymore. i'm now a regular to zen. but one of my actors from jumping off bridges, rhett wilkins, worked at that store and sent me a similar note before he came to audition for me. i miss whole foods gateway. :)