Monday, June 23, 2008

The Bachelorette - You Know You Love It!

Had dinner with the Osborn ladies tonight (my mother in law and two sister in laws). Girl's night out! We'd talked about dinner and a movie. We ended up doing dinner, cupcakes and The Bachelorette.

So Mark and I got sucked in to the first episode when I randomly caught the first hour at the gym one night. I immediately raced home to catch the second hour. Instantly, hooked. And then lo and behold, I discovered that Jim and Rebecca got sucked in too. So there we were ... having a Bachelorette double date for the second episode. This led to conversations at the water cooler about who got a rose and who didn't. Late night confessions of secretly pulling for Jason cause he had a kid or thinking, Jesse, for real?

More and more people I know are coming out of the closet as Bachelorette fans. Dude, it's ok. It's not uncool anymore to watch terrible, god awful reality TV. We know it's bad for us. We know it rots our teeth out, but we watch it anyways. I gave up on wondering what people might think at about episode 2. Screw it. I admit it. I watch The Bachelorette. I do. And I don't give a damn if you think less of me for it. It's drama, man. Pure, saccharine covered, with a total cheesy score ... drama. Don't tell me you didn't shed a tear or two tonight when Jason and his son locked eyes from across the park and in slow motion ran towards each other and hugged tightly. You loved it.

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