Thursday, June 19, 2008

Austin, I'm Stickin' With You Man

So I applied for this fellowship at ABC/Disney a month ago. The application was two months late and probably not as well prepared as others, but there was a 1% chance of getting it. Then I looked at past participants a few days ago and thought, huh, yeah, I'm not getting this one. And lo and behold, I didn't. It's funny because it was more of a relief than a let down. I think Mark is way more bummed than me. It's kind of sweet actually. But this is what the fall holds for me ...

1) A Lecturer Position at UT. The class I'll be teaching is Advanced Narrative Filmmaking. It'll be a change of pace for sure. I'm told that I'll have a room full of boys with maybe one, maybe two girls. If there are mostly Tarantino loving, gun slinging scripts, I might take issue and be like, c'mon dudes!

2) I'm super psyched about the script I'm working on. The read through was kick ass tonight and I came away with a great direction to take it and a lot of super helpful notes. I feel like I'm stepping up my game in the writing department. I've been reading a lot of other scripts and dissecting movies. I wrote a sex(y) scene for goodness sake. I blushed like mad when it was read out loud tonight. Luckily there weren't any giggles from the room.

3) I'll have an agent in Los Angeles which allows me to stay here while she does the dirty work out there.

Am I sad? Yeah, maybe a little. But honestly it's like all of these things have hinged on whether we'd be moving to Los Angeles or not. Now that we know I can move forward in a lot of different directions. So it's totally cool. Totally cool, man!


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Lisa Marie Coppoletta said...

GLAD YOU ARE IN AUSTIN!!! What were you thinking - working for the man! The Disney Man!