Tuesday, June 03, 2008

High School Boys

Are funny creatures. I'm sitting at Flight Path staring at four high school boys. Seniors? Juniors? They're chatting about AP classes while puffing through an entire pack of cigarettes. They smoke like the weight of the world rests on their broad shoulders. Their long shaggy brown hair hangs in their pimpled faces. Band T-shirts, dirty jeans and skater shoes, no socks.

One texts on a fancy, red phone which looks more like a tiny computer and doesn't say a word, while the other three laugh about how they sometimes spit in sandwiches. Nice. Then the conversation moves on to boogers.

BOY #1: How much do you think someone would eat a booger for?

Silence. Boy #2 shrugs. Boy #1 picks his nose and shoves it in Boy #2's face.

BOY #1: Here, eat it.
BOY #2: No way man. Get it away from me.
BOY #3: I'll eat if for five bucks.
BOY #1: For real?
BOY #3: For five bucks, yeah.

Boy #1 digs through his wallet.

BOY #1: I only have six bucks.
BOY #3: I'll do it for four.
BOY #1: No man, I can't afford that. Will you do it for free?
BOY #3: No.
BOY #1: Oh well.

My favorite quote so far ... She alone is proof that there is a god.


~L~ said...

ew. I'm thoroughly ruded out.

Ben said...

I was once a high school boys. I will show you pictures to prove it.