Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Waiting Game

Chris and I are waiting on notes from the agents and managers and a few other folks on SITB. The waiting game sucks. But I understand it. I read a lot of friends' scripts and student scripts, I know how long it takes to get to something. I always preface it with, "Sure I'll read it, but give me several weeks." The managers and agents tell you, "While you wait, write and produce new stuff." And so I do.

I've been working on a new script for the past few weeks. I dug through this compartment I have labeled "Kat's Writing". It's every scribbled outline, scene on a napkin or play I've ever written. I knew there was a piece that was the very loose beginnings of my first feature film, cicadas. I wrote it in word when I first moved to Texas over ten years ago. And now I'm using it again. I do this a lot. This file box is where The Spider in the Bathtub came from. A one-act play I wrote in college that my drama professor said, "You should really think about making this into a short film".

So I've pretty much wrapped the first draft. The last act is kind of lame right now. It's all super bare bones. But the story and layout are all there. Now it's going back through and sitting with the whole thing and layering and tweaking it into a nice 2nd draft. It's a simple little teen thriller. Teens, I know. Shocking! Dude, that's what I know. Anyhow, It's an easy, cheap shoot. It's something I don't have to direct. (Of course, I say that now) Just something to write while I need to be writing. This will add to a small stack of feature films that aren't quite finished, but are in decent shape.

I have another comedy idea that I'm loving more and more. I hope to write that one next. It takes way more pre-planning though. Cause it's adults, I have to wrap my brain around it a littl more. I write it in my head before I fall asleep or when I'm waiting at the doctor's office. Something even more shocking, the adults will be the main characters. But, of course, it still has kids in it. Cut me some slack.

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