Saturday, May 24, 2008

That Darn Cat

PC Bean was a very bad boy today. He gave his mom and dad an awful fright. At 9:45am I let him outside while I fumigated my little apartment to rid ourselves of fleas. When I came back and aired it out a few hours later, I called out into the parking lot, "Pork Chop" and did that cat call thing that he always responds to. Normally he comes bounding out of the bushes right up to me. But no sign of Bean. Oh, silly Bean, he's probably napping in some grass somewhere. An hour later, still no sign. Another hour passed, still no sign of my little one. My heart was pounding a little faster. Finally by 5pm, I emailed Mark "I'm worried, I can't find him anywhere". I'd walked the block, around the back of my apartment, down the alleyway. Nothing. My stomach was doing flip flops. Shit, shit, shit, shit. We have a bunch of guys remodeling our apartment complex this week so the following thoughts rushed through my head.

a) They accidentally locked him in another apartment they were working on.
b) They let him in while I was gone and the fogging was going on. He'd been smothered by fumes.
c) They scared the bejeevees out of him with their power saws and he ran away.

Mark raced home and we searched and searched. The whole block, the neighbors. I kept telling myself, he fell asleep somewhere and lost track of time. He'll get hungry and come home before it gets too late.

We grabbed dinner, a DVD and pulled back into the parking lot. We called again, scoured the block, the alleyway, grabbed the flashlight. Still nothing. It was about 9pm at this point and my little baby had been gone for 12 hours. Two more hours went by and nothing. By this point I was in full panic mode. Mark found me convulsing in tears on my bed. "It's all my fault. I let him out. He got lost. He doesn't know how to get home". Mark went out on another search and rescue mission while I started my LOST CAT post on our neighborhood website. As soon as I'd written "My cat went missing this morning and I'm completely heartbroken over it ..." Mark and PC Bean walked through the door. PC BEAN!!!!!!!!!! He was welcomed with a million kisses, a big belly rub and a million more kisses. And then the bath I'd been waiting all day to give him. Oh PC Bean, you're never going outside these four walls ever, ever, ever, ever again.

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