Sunday, May 18, 2008

Realism in Cinema

The kids at Griffin liked Breathless, weren't too into Open City, sorta kinda liked A Woman Under the Influence and laughed out loud pretty hard at The Puffy Chair.

I was super proud of last Wednesday's presentation. I spent a good amount of time doing my research and putting together my outline. And then when I got home to brag to Mark about it he was all "Well did you talk about this? What about this? Did you tell them this?" My face fell a little. I wish Mark had the guts to teach. He knows a bazillion times more than me and he gets so excited about it. I'm trying to nudge him to help teach my last class. We're doing horror.

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Anonymous said...

It may sound bad in the post, but my questions were out of excitement, not criticism.

I was very proud of my wife and the work that she did. Never forget that! :)