Friday, May 16, 2008

Party at The Peacock

Wednesday night Stacy and I hosted a get together at The Peacock for former students. It was great to see their faces. Some students I still see and even work with on projects, some I haven't seen in ages. I loved listening to their current film exploits. One worked in casting on The Tree of Life, several have shot short films, one is about to DP his first feature film, one won an Alamo Drafthouse film contest and one is even headed to Japan on Monday to shoot a documentary. I love it. I'm proud. My kids.

Stacy and Ben Bartley (Summer 2007 Student)

Elena, Greg and Nick (Spring 2007 Students)

Meg and Annette (Summer 2007 Students)

Mark Hall and Zac Magrini (Summer 2007 Students)

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Ben said...

Stacy & I were discussing the serious nature of posing for pictures... it looks like I have a peacock on my head.