Saturday, May 24, 2008

Movies that Go Bump in the Night

Cloverfield - LOVED IT! I missed it in the theaters and so sadly had to watch it on a much smaller screen. But man, oh man, I love me some monster movies. It's nice to see quality comebacks between this and The Host.

An American Haunting - A friend recently said, "All great horror films center on a child in danger". Yep. I think that's true. This was a random pick off the video store shelf. It's not great or anything. I'm not crazy about the weird accents or the swirly camera work, but at the heart of the film it has a great story. A great story that wasn't well executed. And when at the end of the film it says Based on True Events, it's like, c'mon dude. For real.

Something to keep in mind when watching ghost stories, ghosts are always there to do good. No matter how creepy or scary.


Spartickes said...

An American Haunting is based on the legend of the Bell Witch, which is a pretty big legend here in middle Tennessee. A lot of locals have "friend of a friend" type stories about visiting the areas where this took place.

My wife, in her then capacity as a school teacher, accompanied her middle school students to a stage production of this story.

It was also filmed as The Bell Witch Haunting by a Nashville filmmaker, and featured several local actors who I've gotten to work with in the last couple of years. So while I can't recommend the movie sight unseen, I do know that at least some of the actors are quite good!

Kat Candler said...

for the most part i thought the acting was great. i'm a big fan of sissy spacek. but i wasn't so crazy about the direction. some great moments for sure, but as whole i felt it fell short. i'm a big ghost story, horror fan. everything from lady in white to the orphanage to the japanese dark water. it has to hit me on an emotional level. this one was trying to, but didn't quite get there.

Anonymous said...

I just like 2 let u know the there's a sequel coming out 4 Cloverfield sometime in the future.