Sunday, May 11, 2008

Los Angeles - Day #6 and #7

Hollywood Boulevard

Richard and Ariana from Chill Entertainment

Garrett at In and Out Burger

Friday = An excellent meeting and a not so excellent meeting. The not so excellent meeting made me really appreciate all of the other meetings I'd had all week. Lunch at Doughboy's with Richard and Ariana and topping off the night with In and Out Burgers and Baby Mama with Garrett. The In and Out Burger wasn't as delicious as I remember it being. When I got home and told Mark about my burger experience, he told me I was wrong.

Saturday = LAX is like Disney World except without the rides at the end of the excruciatingly long lines. The good part of my plane trip home was sitting across the aisle from Rowdy Stovall and getting to hear all about his Los Angeles adventures and what he's been up to on Mexican Sunrise.

Celebrity Sightings = 0
Parking Tickets = 0

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