Monday, May 05, 2008

Los Angeles - Day #2

Los Angeles is a strange place. I like it, but it kind of freaks me out too. Again, I don't think I could live here. Small stints, yes. Forever, no.

Spent the morning in Santa Monica meeting friends of friends. Not realizing they were friends of friends until the conversation went from here to there and then "Oh my god, you know so and so, I know so and so." I'm continually amazed how small the film community is. How everyone is a few degrees separated from one another. It's pretty cool.

I had a late afternoon meet up with some friends in Burbank and got to spy the big Warner Brothers lot and NBC studios driving through the streets. No meetings set up for Warner Brothers, sadly. I hear it's really cool in there.

I forgot to take photos today. Sorry Mark.

Celebrity Sightings = 0
Parking Tickets = 0

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