Sunday, May 04, 2008

Los Angeles - Day #1

I'm so friggin' tired. 9:30pm in Los Angeles = 12:30pm in Boston. Oh my lord, I'm tired.

After a 2-hour afternoon chat with Aaron and a nice pizza dinner with Brad, Aaron and Debbie, I'm about to collapse.

Tomorrow I head to Santa Monica, back to West Hollywood and then to Burbank. It's a full day. Lots of driving. No down time.

Celebrity Sightings = Seth Rogen and James Franco. But this was in the Austin airport, so I'm not sure if that counts. I'm guessing there was a screening last night of Pineapple Express?

Parking Tickets = 0

1 comment:

brian s. said...

Yup! You guessed right. Film was pretty good. I'm not a stoner so I think a third of the jokes were over my head. Rogan and Franco were cool. It was a fun night. Tomorrow...SPEED RACER!!!