Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lady in White (1988)

In junior high I rented Lady in White at least ten times. It was a slumber party classic. I invited over my teeny bopper friends and then stayed up super late scared that the Lady in White was gonna come get us. I never brought home Friday the 13th (mom probably wouldn't have let me anyways) or Halloween. I really wasn't ready for those until college. I'm still not sure I'm ready for them.

Today was the last day at the Griffin School. They wanted me to do horror. For me as a kid, Lady in White was horror. This scared the pants off me. Watching it today, it still holds up. Although the effects are beyond cheesy. One of the Griffin kids pointed out that the effects in Sunrise (1927) were light years beyond this. Yep. Totally true. But the heart, the tension, the horror of losing a child and the magical feeling of fall and Halloween still hold up. One thing I think that makes this film so special, besides Lukas Haas, is the score. One of the kids compared it to Danny Elfman. Huh, yeah. I can totally see it.

This movie holds a huge place in my heart.

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