Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kat Representin'

I am now a writer/director with representation. I struggled with the decision for a long while. I didn't have the luxury of going with the big guns, because I'm not hot right now. But after a few conversations with other folks who opted for the smaller agency instead of the big ones, I'm like, huh. Ok. So I carefully looked at the options and the players, trying to figure out the best scenario.

I had one little red gnome on my right shoulder giving me a stern look and saying very seriously .... Kat are you sure this is the right person? Is this really what you need right now? Don't jump into something if it doesn't feel right. This is a very, very big decision, Kat Candler.

And then the little blue gnome on my left shoulder was screaming and smiling all big like. Jump! Jump! Jump! What have you got to lose? JUMP!

For like the last week I've changed my mind every minute. Back and forth, back and forth. But over a phone conversation today my gut told me to jump with this one individual. So I did. And after I jumped, I felt no regret.


~L~ said...

It was so hard to keep my mouth shut but now I can say it - Yea! (Yea Blue Gnome).

Jennifer Gandin Le said...

That's great! Finding representation that your gut says "YES" to is wonderful. Another good tool in your well-developed toolbox...