Monday, May 05, 2008

Junie B Jones on Stage

Back when I was still working in a book store, I really, really, really wanted to figure out how to direct a film version of Nancy Drew. At the time, Nancy Savoca was working on an adaptation. So my hopes on that one were crushed. And then, of course, Andrew Fleming beat us both to the punch.

But now, now, I want to figure out who owns the rights to Junie B Jones. I love this character so much. She's such a little spit fire. Mark just sent me a note that they've taken Junie to the stage. There's a production coming to the Paramount Theater in Austin next January. I'm so there. So I think maybe while I'm here, I might scrounge around to find out who owns the film rights to Miss Jones. Hmmm ...

I'm also reading Twilight. Holy crapola, I love it! Can't put it down. Oh, Edward Cullen, so dreamy.

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~L~ said...

Little Guy has been reading Junie B. Jones since 1st grade. The series has grade appropriate reading levels, so he can still read them now in 4th grade. He loves loves loves that book series!
I will have to get us tickets to the show when it gets to town!