Thursday, May 22, 2008

Intern Adam

I have a new intern for the summer. Intern Adam. Storie Productions has had a few interns to date. Some ok, some, out of this world. But this is my first intern for me. Just me. Like Daffy Duck said when he found the pearl in the clamshell, He's mine. Mine, mine, mine, mine.

Intern Adam is pretty darn rad. He'll be a sophmore at UT in the RTF department in the fall. My summer mission is to educate him, show him the ropes, introduce him around and get him to finish the first draft of his first screenplay by summer's end.

His first list of tasks from last week are accomplished. Read and watch almost everything I've ever done. Well, not everything, but my major scripts and movies. Check, check, check and check. He also had to find out who had the rights to Junie B Jones. The author still holds the rights. Yay! So far, so good. I'm liking this kid a lot. He's fast, he's efficient and he's nice.

Today his assignment was to go see Indiana Jones with me and Shana. Ok so this assignment was silly and fun. Shana didn't have to twist my arm to get me to go. Having an intern is fun. It's kind of like having a little buddy that makes phone calls for me and likes to chat endlessly about movies and TV. Intern Adam.

Just FYI, I'm having an issue with uploading photos or else there'd be some photos in the last few entries. Kat and technology = not good.

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