Friday, May 23, 2008

Get Rid of Fleas Day

Pork Chop is outside hiding from me right now. The bathtub awaits him.

Today is GET RID OF FLEAS DAY. Me and Pork Chop go through this every summer. It's inevitable. He knows it. I know it.

So what do we do on GET RID OF FLEAS DAY?

1) Fog the apartment. This entails, 2 hours of fogging and many hours of getting rid of that horrid fogging smell.

2) Get the fleas off Pork Chop. This means giving him Capstar, this fancy pill that kills fleas on his little body within 30 minutes. Then we scrub him down in the bathtub. Blow dry him into a fuzzy gray ball. And lastly apply Advantage to the back of his neck which drives him nuts because he can't reach it. (That's the point, little buddy.)

3) Wash every rug, towel, clothing item in the house.

4) Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum and vacuum some more.

5) Cross my fingers super duper tight and think really good thoughts of fleas choking and croaking to their little deaths.

1 comment:

~L~ said...

Here's a helpful hint from your own domestic diva:
~Change the vacuum bag, otherwise the flea eggs get blown back into the house (eww)!