Friday, May 02, 2008

Boston - Day #4

Today was the best day ever! I love it when my four year old niece says that. It's usually on her birthday or Christmas after opening millions of presents or jumping up and down in the princess bouncy house. But I have to say today was pretty awesome even without the bouncy house.

What I loved about today. Let me count them all.

1) Walking through the set of Bride Wars and drooling over their grip trucks and HMIs.
2) Watching the 1953 version of House of Wax (3-D) in the Coolidge Corner Theater.
3) Watching Looney Toons (3-D) before House of Wax.
4) Eating the most delicious sub from a sub shop the size of a closet.
5) Visiting lots of corner shops in the South End.
6) Eating cookies and a banana chocolate chip muffin.
7) Reading Junie B Jones and hoping that no one's set up to direct the movie just yet.
8) Setting up more meetings for LA, one on the Universal Lot. Yay!!! I feel like I'm 8 when I get to go on the lots. I'm hoping I get to go to Warner Brothers for some reason or another. I hear that lot is sweet.
9) And we still have Indian Food, Toscini Ice Cream, Cupcakes and NYC friends to look forward to.

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ryan said...

House of Wax was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I must have watched it hundreds of times.