Thursday, May 01, 2008

Boston - Day #3

Today Boston became a vacation. Yes! After turning in my new draft of SITB and setting up a few more meetings in Los Angeles, I met Jackie for a stroll around town, lunch on Charles Street and a little shopping. We grabbed Michael for dinner at this super tasty Italian joint, Pomodoros in Brookline. Italian food is what I've been waiting all week for and man, oh man the Bolognese at Pomodoros nearly sent me into a tizzy.

We caught a Stars of the Lid concert at the MFA. Even though they're from Austin, I've never seen them live. The concert felt like a warped symphony, planetarium exhibit and rock show all rolled into one. I loved it. I don't remember the last time I went to a rock show. Explosions in the Sky probably a few years ago. But I will say that any rock show that's seated and starts at 7:30pm is golden in my book. I think I'm getting old.

Tomorrow the kids from New York City arrive. Sweet! I miss my friends!

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