Monday, April 28, 2008

Scrambling for Boston

I've spent my morning scrambling to get everything done in preparation for a Tuesday morning departure to Boston. Once I get on that plane it'll be non-stop for the next two weeks. Making sure rents are paid, bills have stamps on them, checks are deposited, scripts are printed out, I've remembered to pack everything. I think I have maybe 12 hours in Austin between Boston and Los Angeles this weekend so I have to really have my stuff together. I might have enough time to do a load of laundry in that 12 hours. Hopefully.

I have a long list of to dos this week as I sit in my hotel or at the park with my computer in Boston. Rewrites, notes for students, press stuff, Los Angeles prep ... And then I get to see Stars of the Lid with Mike and Jackie, have dinner with Lindsay and Dan and then the girls come in from New York City for a Friday night slumber party. Oh yeah, and jumping off bridges screens Wednesday night. I have a suitcase full of DVDs for the conference bookstore.

I have to head out now. Mark and I are playing hooky today so we can stare at each other and remember what we look like while we're apart. Sigh.

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