Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ok, So I Get Obsessed - Stephen Chow

It's so fun discovering filmmakers. Yes, I realize that I'm a late comer in discovering the cinematic genius of Stephen Chow. I realize that I'm late in the game on a lot of movies, directors, movements, but whatever, I'm in love. With his sensibility, his heart, his cartoon world, his childlike nature and what sounds like a down to earth kindness. And lastly for not caring what anyone else thinks and just having fun.

For a dedicated populist whose slapstick comedic antics have included chewing a condom like a piece of gum and suspending a string of gleaming mucus from his nose while sucking face with screen goddess Karen Mok, Chow has earned some highbrow praise. Asiaphile director Quentin Tarantino has called him the best actor working in Hong Kong, while film critic Shelly Kracier, editor of the Chinese Cinema Digest, has written that Chow is a "genius." Genius or not, Chow is still as down-to-earth as an eager film extra. "He's one of the kindest, most charming people on earth," says Dede Nickerson, Miramax's Asia consultant, who helped Chow dub Shaolin Soccer into English for its U.S. cinema release. "He never compromises himself to the people around him." - Time Magazine

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