Friday, April 25, 2008

Lack of Sleep Induced Rant about Female Directors

Mark and I were lying in bed playing the director game. He'll name a director and I'll name as many films by that director as I can. After about 9 or 10 directors, I'm like, "Dude, what about the female directors?" and he's like, "I don't know. I was just picturing the directors' wall at Vulcan Video and the only one they have is Jane Campion." I looked at him with a dead, cold stare. "The only female director they have in their director's wall is Jane Campion? You've got to be kidding me."
C'mon people. Seriously. I'm pissed. I'm mad. I'm super duper tired and delirious and probably not making much sense, but I'm mad nonetheless. I'm spewing expletives at Mark as he's trying to get out the door before Starbucks closes about what's going on in Hollywood. Yes, I know this is nothing new. This is not a revelation. It just makes me sad and sick to my stomach. I mean, seriously.
So yesterday and today I went to talk to high school film classes. Guess how many girls were in a class of about 20 yesterday? Two. And how many in a class of about 15 today? One. It just blows my mind. It pisses me off. And it makes me sad. It makes me really friggin' sad.


Lorie said...

Kathryn Bigelow, Jane Campion, Allison Anders, Asia Argento, Mimi Leder, Betty Thomas, Ida Lupino, Mary Pickford, Eun Hee Cho, Jennifer Phang, Penelope Spheeris, Nora Ephron, Amy Heckerling.

And, that's not counting producers and studio execs like Gale Ann Hurd, Amy Pascal, Kathleen Kennedy, and more...

Ashley said...

Yes... it makes me really mad as well. Truly, and daily.
I have always noticed the discrepencies... in every field, in every art. Yes, you can list the 15 female directors that you can think of, but that compared to the zillions of males... it truly sucks. It's just going to take time and lots of awesome "role models" to get out of this sexist rut.